International Nomades Festival

1st Festival created in the south of Morocco, the International Nomads Festival has been for 14 years an international reference in terms of cultural diversity and openness to the world. An open-air event in harmony with nature and with the nomads’ world, the International Nomads Festival is a forum to freely express and exchange ideas in a friendly environment, showcasing a civilisation of children, women and men with a strong cultural identity of the values and wisdom that are the legacy of their ancestors.

Various cultural activities highlight the tangible and intangible heritage of the nomadic tribes, thus contributing to preserve their cultural identity. Economic and social solutions are presented during the conferences and workshops, to encourage collective and associative initiatives and open new opportunities to local development.

Set in a colourful and exotic setting, the 15th Nomads Festival will be once again a great meeting of nomadic cultures, an exploration for the visitors and a model for the younger generations, who have an opportunity to open up to new frontiers while preserving their traditions.